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A privately funded Canadian foundation supporting the field of ophthalmology. By funding research on diseases and disorders of the eye, and through the support of programs for Canadians living with vision loss, the Whitearn Foundation aims to enable advancements in the field of ophthalmology and improve the lives of the visually impaired.

The Whitearn Foundation was founded in 1997 by Miss Barbara Whitley

in memory of her father Ernest Whitley, a prominent Montreal businessman.

Our mission

The Whitearn Foundation improves the lives of the visually impaired through the funding of research initiatives, rehabilitation projects, and support services in Canada.

About The Foundation

The guiding principle in all of the Foundation’s activities is the idea that we must improve the lives of those living with visual disabilities. Whether it is through our support of innovative medical research or by fostering unique rehabilitation programs that provide tools and training to people living with a loss of vision, we aim to make a difference.

Our founder, Barbara Whitley, was a woman of action. The Whitearn Foundation was started to honour her father, Ernie Whitley. He had lost sight in one eye in his youth due to a school yard accident. Barbara Whitley subsequently became interested in the field of ophthalmology and became a great supporter of Montreal’s health institutions. She believed that community involvement was essential to the advancement of society and that dedicated people make a difference. Today, The Whitearn Foundation continues to uphold her legacy in philanthropy through ethical stewardship and its dedication to our founder’s cause.

The Foundation seeks to support innovative and measurable initiatives, through its awarding of grants, that align with its mission and vision.

Our areas of impact are:

  • Research
  • Equipment
  • Outreach

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