Grants are awarded solely for ophthalmological causes.

Applications should be submitted in writing and are considered twice a year. Deadlines for submission are April 1st and October 1st.

We only make grants to qualified donees under the Income Tax Act of Canada, subject to funding restrictions.

Guiding principles of giving:

Our principles of giving are consistent with the wishes of our original benefactor, Barbara Whitley. The Foundation looks to give to organizations committed to good governance, effective stewardship of resources, ethical conduct, and to honor the public trust through transparency and accountability.

We prefer supporting well-established registered charitable organizations. Our Foundation will fund initiatives and projects up to a maximum amount of $50,000. We believe that collaborative funding increases impact and effectiveness, that is why we will consider matching grants.

As a foundation we measure the impact of our grants through periodical review of the different projects and initiatives that we fund. Depending on the type of grant awarded we evaluate short-term and long-term results. On an annual basis our Board of Directors assesses the effectiveness of our grants in making an impact in the lives of people with a visual impairment.

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